Monday, September 6, 2010

A question about must carry channel provisions

If Fox News North gets must carry ruling and the current must carry channels get the same amount of money they currently receive, does it not follow that our cable rates will go up?  Is this not something that would hit home with the "Timmies" demographic?

Sounds like ammunition to me.  Will Harper expose a flank here.  The increase doesn't have to be much.  Just the ability to say that "Harper increased your cable bill so Kory could force propaganda on you".
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Anonymous said...

This is a good insight, but I feel quite confident that Canadian media conglomerates already have a plan to battle this small wedge issue.

It's most likely that Bell and Rogers will eat the cost for some time and then slip in an increase as a general increase months after the launch of the new channel, probably blaming 'Can con' requirements or some other 'fee' that the 'bureaucracy' is forcing them charge 'against their will'.

Skinny Dipper said...

Harper wants to increase our cable/satellite rates so that his supported propaganda station can operate.

doconnor said...

It is my understanding that being a Category 1 channel means cable/satellite companies must make it available on their systems, but subscribers still have a choice whether or not to subscribe to it. This means it won't cost people anything unless they choose to subscribe to it, although it might be added to channel theme packages.

A Category 2 channel means the companies can choose to not carry the channel. I suspect this channel will be popular enough to be carried by all the major companies even if it is a Category 2. Most Category 2 channels are.