Thursday, September 16, 2010

An exploration of the Conservative - Postmedia - QMI relationship

Both of these "newspapers" have a distinct utility to the Harper regime. Think of it as Bad Cop, Really Bad Cop. The Sun chain is used to disseminate the really odious stuff. Think Lock and Load type editorials. They are the Really Bad Cop. This is the tool the Conservatives use to spread the hate.

The National Post is allowed to gussy itself up as a respectable newspaper. Neanderthals with excellent vocabularies. Decent Arts and Sports sections. Financial pages are coherent enough. And the editorial line up, although starboard leaning, comes across as quasi-sane when compared to the dreck on the Sun pages. The Post is the Bad Cop.

Even then you can see the dictation from the PMO shining through the articles. Yesterday. And today.‘Orwellian’ bureaucrats shielding PM from media surprises: documents

Read it if you must but the key unanswered question is; "Why are the bureaucrats doing this shielding?". Is it out of love and concern for the PM? Nearby chairs? Are they going rogue? Or is it more likely that they are following orders?

I expect that you, being a logical creature, will chose the latter. And the implications are that Harper being a coward and unable to face up to his mistakes planted this garbage in the Bad Cop paper to assign the blame for his recent cock-ups on the bureaucrats. Leaders cowboy up and accept responsibility for their mistakes. Stephen Harper: Not A Leader.

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