Thursday, September 16, 2010

With regards the notion that the Conservatives achieved their LGR goals

Most importantly. I don't care. The Opposition appears to be able to stand up for what is right. And it is about time. Secondly, it hasn't come to pass yet.

Even though I pointed out the pitfalls for Harper in abolishing the LGR a couple of weeks ago, I don't for a second buy the notion this is part of a grand design. This theme was nowhere on the horizon from any of the usual sources. And then once it appears the Conservatives will lose the vote, Don "The PMO Pipeline" Martin further debases himself with: Tories thrilled by NDP’s rumoured saving of the gun registry

This entire article screams of sour grapes and ass covering. To state that the Conservatives are happy with the turn of events implies that they had not thought the ramifications through. Kind of destroys the vestiges of Stephen "Strategic Genius" Harper. Conversely to see this as part of a master plan is ludicrous. The entire scenario is so convoluted with so many critical variables only a fool would have tried to set it into motion. It depends on manouvering the NDP into position and then destroying the vote advantage by a planned means (MEIB).
The blame (or credit) goes to a one-issue MP yahoo named Garry Breitkruez who unleashed rabid registry overkill last month.

By suggesting RCMP were just itching to storm the homes of anyone whose gun license has expired and seize their weapons was the sort of distortion which made it increasingly difficult for New Democat MPs to join the Conservatives in a registry take-down. Which may have been his bizarre assignment all along.


Things didn’t any better when they sent studious attack dog Pierre Poilievre to the microphone wrapped in the Maple Leaf to denounce the Liberal’s anti-registry position as a conspiracy insulting all rural Canadians.


Deep in the bowels of Conservative party backrooms, gleeful laughter can be heard from a government celebrating a defeat.

This is just Harper whining through one of his mouthpieces in a fit of pique. True, Stephen Harper is evil. But he isn't Dr. Evil.
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