Friday, March 6, 2009

Chantal Hebert asks a question

And I provide an answer.

Not very long.  This confrontation was manufactured by Harper in an attempt to instigate an election.  If this tempest can be poured into a teapot, Harper will brew up another one.  They will be jonseying for an election until they get a majority or they are defeated.

It has been widely stated that the Conservatives have continued to act like an Opposition Party in government.  Canadians wait and wait for the partisanship to end, the attacks be put aside so that our problems can be tackled.  It is not going to happen as long as Harper is involved.  He will provoke and maintain a crisis atmosphere until there is an election.  Hebert and other columnists are enabling this behaviour.  So are the Opposition by pretending that these are sane people.

We can't afford to continue this pattern.  Pull the plug and form a coalition.  If Ignatieff won't do it, get someone in charge who will.  In just over a week, it will have been 5 months since the election.  We are still within the period in which convention expects the GG to ask the Opposition to form a government.  Even by the standard Ed Schreyer laid out in the "Clark Test".
For some Canadians, the apparently imminent defeat of Mr. Harper's government might evoke memories of Joe Clark's ouster nearly three decades ago. But Stéphane Dion of December, 2008, is not Pierre Trudeau of December, 1979. Mr. Clark was defeated on a budget seven months after the election that brought his Tories to power. He asked Edward Schreyer, then the Governor-General, for a dissolution of Parliament. Mr. Schreyer, quite properly and according to constitutional convention, asked the Liberals, under Pierre Trudeau, whether they could govern with a working majority in the House of Commons. Mr. Trudeau passed, and the Liberals won the ensuing election.
Perhaps there will be some anger out West.  But not as much as the nervous nellies would suggest.  Evidence that the grown-ups are back in charge and are making a sincere attempt to help the country out will salve the wounds of all but the most delirious Conservative supporters.
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penlan said...

This has been your easiest post to read so far recently. Including the ones you've posted since this.

You're changing fonts, sizes, & indents in different formats in each post has been making it difficult for this reader to read & make sense of who's saying what.

Just wanted you to know. :)

Constant Vigilance said...

Thanks. I appreciate that you said that. I'm not sure what I have been doing wrong.

Blogger has been driving me crazy. I have been trying all sorts of methods to get consistent fonts. Every time I paste a quote in, it seems to get all messed up.

Perhaps i should take a step back and figure out what is going on so it looks more consistent and legible.

penlan said...

I would appreciate that a lot CV. I'm a loyal reader of yours but the problems have been making me Some of the fonts & text have even been "bleeding" into one another making it almost impossible to read at times.

Good luck with working it out!