Monday, March 23, 2009

The War Of The Thorns

As opposed to The War Of The Roses which led to the ultimate end of the Plantagent dynasty. In this Hill Times article "Some predict a coming 'schism' in governing Conservative Party" we see Gerry Nicholls fomenting dissent in the Conservative Party.

The Opening Thrust:
There is a "schism" in the governing Conservative Party between the old Reform and PC wings that will likely erupt whenever Prime Minister Stephen Harper steps down as leader because there is no obvious successor who can unite the two sides, say some conservatives. 

"I think as long as Harper is the leader, there's going to be a unity there, but I think there is definitely a schism in the party between the old Progressive Conservative wing and the Canadian Alliance/Reform wing. The day Stephen Harper steps down as leader, you're going to see that become a real issue because I don't see anybody as a possible successor to Stephen, who could appeal to both wings," said Democracy Institute senior fellow Gerry Nicholls, former vice-president of the National Citizens Coalition, in an interview with 
The Hill Times recently.
The Parry:
But Conservative strategist Tim Powers, vice-president of consulting firm Summa Strategies, said that the Conservative Party is "stronger than any one person" and Mr. Nicholls' statements were meant to be controversial. 
It is all an extension of what we have heard ever since the Harprorogue.  A lot of the Conservative backroom boys have been stocking up on metaphorical knives.  What is special about this outburst of maneuvering is this:
Mr. Daifallah said. "If one lesson has been learned over the past decade it's that if things aren't going the way you'd like in the party the solution is not to start up a new party. I don't think there's anyone who's thinking about starting a new party if the person who they don't want wins the next leadership race." 
Wow.  Now that one came out of far-right field.  Mentioning the formation of a new party in a story planted by malcontents.  How delicious.  Better get the popcorn ready.  We might be treated to a performance of Le Morte d'Harper after all.
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