Monday, March 9, 2009

Please don't poke the bears. For all of our sakes.

After a weekend away skiing (Did I mention that the snow was wonderful?  Man, was it ever nice.  Finally.), I spent some time this morning catching up on what some more dedicated bloggers had been up to while I was catching face shots.

The Impolitical post "Your Conservative MPs in action"  sure did a good job of pushing those happy ski memories into the background.  That the Conservatives are trying to distract Canadians from their incompetence and paucity of ideas isn't a surprise.  But continuing to try and use the Russians as the distractor is so foolish as to indicate incipient insanity.  Especially after the Russians made a pointed rebuff to the initial dog wagging incident.

Giving a nobody such as Laurie Hawn marching orders to ask foolish and provocative questions such as this:
“Are we concerned about any aerial incursions by the Russians for the Vancouver Olympics?” Mr. Hawn asked.
is unacceptable.  The evident coordination between the comments by McKay and Hawn indicates this came straight from the PMO.  What these Sorcerer's Apprentices don't realize is that, unlike targets that can't hit back, the Russians won't take continued provocation laying down.  The Russians will remember this for a long time.

It is reprehensible enough trying goofy headfakes using targets within our borders, such as demonizing Quebec voters to avoid the will of the people, but for Harper to take his goon show on an international tour is either crazy or ridiculously irresponsible.

One of the key indicators served up by Harper and his drones that Harper is "one of us", is his oft stated love of hockey.  I will make this clear for him with a simile he can understand.  Fooling around with the Russians like this is the same as stickhandling along the blueline with your head down when Dion Phaneuf is on the ice.  You might think you look like a superstar but your main claim to fame will be the Youtubes showing you carried off the ice on a stretcher.
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