Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A question for the SenselessCons

Sorry, I should have typed HomelessCons.  Oh well, can't be bothered to fix it.  

The tagline reads "Conservatives in search of shelter".  The use of the word shelter is interesting.  Let us look at the definition of shelter (My emphasis in italics).
shel·ter  (shltr)
a. Something that provides cover or protection, as from the weather.
b. A refuge; a haven.
c. An establishment that provides temporary housing for homeless people.
2. The state of being covered or protected.
v. shel·teredshel·ter·ingshel·ters
1. To provide cover or protection for.
2. To invest (income) to protect it from taxation.
To take cover; find refuge.
So Conservatives are in need of and seeking cover or protection.  They need a refuge or a haven.  What is it they need cover or protection for?  What is it they need refuge from?   Is it the destruction of the economy?  Perhaps it is the desecration of centuries of human rights progress.  Maybe it is the legacy of dividing nations against themselves to gain power.  Are they seeking protection from war crimes charges?

Closer to home, perhaps Canadians conservatives need protection from Elections Canada.  The Oliphant Commission might give some conservatives reason for concern.

I might be too specific here.  They might be looking for shelter from all of the above and more.  I'm just saying the choice of the word shelter is interesting.

Stetson tip to Calgary Grit.  It is also interesting to note that frequent Calgary Herald columnist Barry Cooper, links himself with a portrait of George Washington rather than a Canadian historical figure.  But then again there has never been much doubt as to where his loyalties lie.
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