Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Voice Of The Nation

I was reading an article on the Globe website by Eric Duhatschek on the possible make-up of the men's hockey team for 2010.  At the bottom of the article is a badge highlighting the phrase "The Voice Of The Nation"  I checked on other articles on the CTV website and for now it appears to be limited to Olympic related articles.  It occurs to me that this may be the roll-out of a new phrase in the eventual hopes of linking their network to the country as a whole.  Sort of like Harper and Tim Horton's.  Or Kenney and curry.

The phrase itself is interesting.  In a troubling way.  The CTV and the Harper (mis)government have always had a very cosy relationship.  So much so that people have taken to calling CTV the Conservative Television Network.  Certainly there is no evidence of a direct link but the serendipity of the editorial slant with Senate appointments raises eyebrows.

Do either the Conservatives or CTV realize that the line"The Voice Of The Nation" is more than just a turgid bit of prose?  It is exactly the words Hitler used to describe the role of radio in his propaganda machine.  So a network with obviously close ties to a ruling party with authoritarian tendencies chooses a Nazi slogan as a tag line.  As I have said before; "I will stop comparing you to Nazis when stop being comparable to Nazis.".

Sounds like another instance of Step 6 to me.
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