Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Career suggestions for rejects from the RCMP Depot

Suppose you do not have the courage and integrity of Kwesi Millington or William Bentley.  Perhaps you don't have the manual dexterity to shoot a man in the back of the head when he is holding you from behind.  You just won't make it through the rigourous training at the RCMP Depot in Regina.

However you might have the sadistic tendencies that are so obviously prized by a paramilitary government department.  So here is a suggestion.  Pick your knuckles off the ground, wipe the drool off your lip and schlep over to CSIS.  Because they have a home for people like you.

I wish this was a spectacular April Fool's joke.  I wish that CSIS was competent enough about their task that they realize that torture doesn't work.  But wishes don't reflect reality.  There are at least two national organizations that need to be dismantled and rebuilt.

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