Thursday, April 2, 2009

The first rule about the truth of media bias nobody speaks the truth about media bias.

In his editorial today "With capitalism on it's derriere, the left still gets no respect", Lawrence Martin breaks this rule.  At the end of this piece dealing sympathetically and primarily with the NDP blues, he has this gem:
There's also a lesson the left should have learned by now. To change the voting culture, you have to change the media culture. Without a bigger voice in the fourth estate, the left's chances of making a breakthrough are minimal. The Reform/Alliance party eventually hit pay dirt, becoming the dominant force on the conservative side, because big media promoted its religion.
This reinforces my belief that progressive forces need to use the internet to somehow bring their voices front and centre.

And he brings up a pet peeve of mine when I hear people complaining about the "left slant" of the CBC.
The CBC has a leftish reputation, but try finding anyone among its top TV commentators who trumpets NDP values. Rex Murphy leans right, Andrew Coyne is predominantly conservative, Allan Gregg has been anchored in the Tory party for decades and, among Chantal H├ębert's many colours, pink is not prominent.
Never mind an NDP perspective.  The CBC has been pandering to the Conservative line for a long time.  (How's that working out for you guys, anyways?)
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