Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hawks in 5

As a hockey loving Canadian who has read many books (but never written one) on the subject it is incumbent on me to make a prediction for the opening round.  So here it is.  Keep in mind, I am a Flames fan.  I put the car flag on.

Hawks in 5.  Regardless of the injuries, whenever the chips are down the Flames fold.  They are built for the playoffs.  They have the talent but not the jelly.  Teams that win in the playoff don't lay eggs against probable first round opponents (e.g.: 5-0 loss to Columbus).  When first place is on the line they don't produce a no-show against a non-playoff team (e. g.: 5-1 loss to Edmonton).

I hope I am wrong.  And all predictions are retracted if they win Game 1
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