Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Building a Cult Of Personality - with our tax dollars

It is hard to believe we are living through times such as these.  Our tiny insecure PM is hiring two former White House spokesmen to secure Harper more face time with U. S. media.
The Conservative government has hired two former White House communications strategists as part of a "sustained" effort to raise Canada's profile in the U.S. media - with Prime Minister Stephen Harper acting as salesman-in-chief, Canwest News Service has learned.

The Prime Minister's Office on Wednesday said it had retained Mike McCurry, a former press secretary to Bill Clinton, and Ari Fleischer, who held the same job during George W. Bush's first term, on temporary contracts to help Harper land interviews with leading American television networks and newspapers.

This is just cover for a transparent attempt to equate Harper with Canada.  Both at home and internationally.  They were trying to do something similar by equating the Conservative Party with the government and the nation through the Canada's New Government campaign.  During the Cold War, Sovietologists described this as  engendering a Cult of Personality.

Given that he is such a doofus, I doubt this will get very far.  But the fact he would try this is very unsettling.

It is hard to see how this can help Harper avoid a thrashing at the polls once more people realize his agenda does not include Canada or Canadians.  Just the fluffing up of an insecure wee man. And the ongoing embarrassment of Canada.  Hearing this makes me wish Don Martin's theory that Harper is polishing his resume is not as risible as it first seems.  Having ex-PM Hapless Harper spouting off on 2 a. m. Fox News shows would be better than this.
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