Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'll see your Bollywood leak and raise you a renovation flood

While I was doing my catch-up reading after a long Easter long weekend, I perused this Impolitical post: "A little too neat".  The money quote is:
Absent that information, it all seems a little too neatly packaged up for anyone in the skeptical camp about information distribution from government departments under present management. And this information about the Heritage grant comes relatively quickly given that this movie controversy came to light just about a month ago. After all, information typically comes from this government at a snail's pace.

A cynic would say that this information is designed to embarrass Dhalla and released for that purpose with a view to 
providing additional help to a certain opponent's electoral fortunes. After all, they do spend quite a bit of time playing with information and doling it out for political advantage. It's natural to wonder, then, when you hear reports like this one.
I agree.  This appears to be a fairly obvious ploy by the Heritage Minister (or his staff) to deflect attention from Conservative ineptitude by pointing to a long retired Liberal Minister and a rising Liberal star.

That isn't what interests me.  This is: "140 000 $ pour rénover le bureau de Fortier".  The translated version is here.

Here is some concrete evidence that the Iron Fist of the Harperites has suffered some serious metal fatigue.  A message that if you want to leak allegations about mis-spending by former Ministers, there are lots of more recent examples with an order of magnitude higher tag at the bureaucracy's disposal.  It overwhelms the possible damage to Copps, Dhalla and the NGP. 

A smart party would be chastened by this revelation.  A smart party would take the hint to settle down and stop this sort of politicization of the government.

A party led by Harper and the rest of the Calgary Cretins?  I think we can expect more of this tit for tat exposure. (Calgary Cretins - I like that one.  I will have to use it in the future).
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