Monday, April 20, 2009

The Stone of Destiny, eh?

Eternal and I took the Vigilant-wees to see The Stone Of Destiny last night so that Extreme and Occasional can maintain their roots to The Old Sod.  My Scots immigrant parents recommended the movie as a good recap of the events that were going on as they were preparing to come over here.  It is a fun movie relating an episode in the ongoing struggle of a small country north of a large hegemon to maintain its unique identity. 

During a lull n the movie I was thinking to myself that this could almost be seen as a metaphor for Canada and its relationship with the US.  But that is pushing things a bit far.  And then the credits rolled.  And I noticed that it is a Scotland-Canada co-production.  Funded by Telefim et al., it has a strong Canadian input.  I can hardly wait to tell my Conservative father that it couldn't have been made without (Canadian ) tax-payer support.  It was probably Liberal appointees who decided to fund it.

May be I wasn't reaching to far with the metaphor.

BTW, I have it on good authority*, that the real Stone was hidden from the English invaders by the monks of Scone Abbey.  The true Stone will be revealed when Scotland regains it's Independence.

*My Mum.
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Anonymous said...

It was excellent!! I saw it myself last night with a friend. You didn't see it at City Cinema, by any chance, did you??

Just curious

Constant Vigilance said...

We were at Canyon Meadows in SW Calgary. If you had been there, you would have seen us. We were the only group of four (and a noisy one at that) in a small crowd.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it.