Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some days it is easier to blog than others

Today is one of those days.

Harper's "authoritarian" streak does not serve him well

“You have an extremely strong leader right now that keeps it all underground.”

The dispute “plays on a potential faultline that is there,” Mr. Flanagan said. “It shows that given the right issue, the right circumstances, that people can start to draw apart and take up sides based on the old division between Reformers and PCs.”

Because that grip is starting to slip. Some on the right of his party were ready to dump Harper when he almost lost government last fall. His conversion to Keynesian stimulus economics alarmed still more, as has his reversal of fortunes in Quebec and his clumsy feud with former prime minister Brian Mulroney.

Events are starting to spin out of control.

Conservatives feuding in eastern Alberta?

"Perhaps the conservatives in this area are mad about the Harper government flip flops. Perhaps they are mad about being lied to regarding fixed election dates. Perhaps they mad about this government's broken promise never to run a deficit. Perhaps they mad about the government decision to cut and run in Afghanistan in 2011. Perhaps they mad about an MP who is on record in the beginning that MP's should have limited terms wanting to keep on having his term extended."
But to worthy of a post, these quotes must identify a consequence.  A connection must be made between these Tory Torments and the Political Phuture.  So here it is:
The federal Liberal party is scooping up donations like a turbo-charged back-hoe and its national director says it will soon clear its $2-million debt.
"I think if the (Barack) Obama experience taught us anything, it's that people are looking for hope. People are not looking for games and I think it's particularly heightened by the economic crisis."

Spring is coming.  You can tell by the retreat of the dark days.
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