Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don Martin shows his creepy side

I have been in a bit of a malaise brought on by another first round failure by the Flames and the need to deal with comments by Oiler fans who inexplicably, to me at least, feel that not making the playoffs for 3 of the last 4 years is somehow better than losing in the playoffs.

And so it is today when I read through another set of Dead Prime Minister Walking editorials. 

The Don Martin piece is curious for a couple of reasons.  It is at least as much a review of the angst Mr. Martin faced when he reached the half century mark himself.
Happy 50th birthday Stephen Harper. Welcome to your mid-life crisis.

Hitting the half-century mark can trigger a profound and irrational attitudinal shift in people -- and I speak from personal experience.

Mine manifested itself through the spontaneous purchase of a classic Goldwing motorcycle of the same vintage (1975) as the year of my high school graduation. How pathetic. Then came the new Miata sports car which, I've since been told by friends, is a woman's car. Sigh. Only the recession and my spouse's rather non-negotiable objection has delayed plans to buy a speedboat, but that temptation can only be suppressed for another year or two.

Now that was a waste of electrons, wasn't it?

He also compounds that embarrassing bit of dreck by adding this inappropriate sentence (My emphasis in bold).
His wife Laureen remains grounded in reality -- the last time we chatted, she was flooding a skating rink in the backyard of 24 Sussex Drive -- and still has youthful good looks that had international media drooling during the recent G-20 summit.
I don't think of myself as a prude and I am no friend of Stephen Harper but what business does that have being in an article on the future plans of the Prime Minister?

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Robert McBean. said...

A Speedboat? Writing propaganda for the conservative movement must pay really well.

I think both the Oilers and Flames have a lot of work to do to fix their problems. But the Oilers more so. They're in trouble top to bottom. The Edmonton-Calgary animosity doesn't really work for me anymore.

Constant Vigilance said...

I was thinking about including a shot about Mr. martin's political proclivities but I didn't want to segue from the creepiness of his comment on Ms. Harper too much.

I actually think the Flames are OK. I wouldn't change much. I would heed the words of Jungle Jim Hunter who I heard on the Fan 960 in a promo for his show say how the Flames looked afraid to win from March on. I think they should consider brining him on as an assistant coach for motivational purposes.

The Calgary-Edmonton thing only works when it is fun. Not too muh of that these days.