Friday, May 1, 2009

You'll never see stranger things in a lifetime

Than you do in the streets of Calgary in the Spring Time
(With apologies to Wilf Carter)*

While walking to work the other day, I noticed that the boxes for The Calgary Sun and 24 had some interesting stickers posted on them.  So I took some photos to post on the blog.

Now I realize that the persons undertaking this campaign aren't likely to represent the right hand side of the IQ Bell Curve but this is just sad.  To be intelligent enough to be aware that a company called Quebecor owns the Sun and 24 but not to realize that the editorial positions of these papers are anything but Pro-Liberal, Pro-Socialist, Pro-French or Pro-Quebec.

That is enough time to spend on this foolishness.  It is a good example of the mentality of those who live their lives based on hate.

*I tried to get a couple of the lyrics to Streets of Calgary with no success.
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