Sunday, May 24, 2009

Central Canada is finally understanding the western zeitgeist

Good editorial by Randall Denley in the Citizen today: Tory grip on moral superiority is slipping.  The ethos of Reform is wrapped up in one paragraph:
The fact that Stephen Harper and his gang think success in the world is a weakness tells us a lot about them. These are the small thinkers who don't get the arts, don't get science and have no plan for our economy beyond building roads and bailing out failed automakers. Ignatieff's advice that the Conservatives should "grow up" and do their jobs properly was the smartest thing he could have said.
Some fun quotes too:
In defence of these various conservative politicians, about all one could say is that they obviously aren't taking performance enhancing substances.
And finishes with a bang.  Asking the question that has to be brought into prominence:
Without good leadership or good ideas, one really has to ask, why should we keep electing conservatives? Politicians of the right need to find a compelling answer or they risk the fate of the U.S. Republicans.
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