Saturday, May 30, 2009

On increased blogging

I had mentioned that blogging would be decreased while I dealt with an issue closer to home.  While I must still keep my eyes on the prize and there has been no material change, I have made enough progress in setting up and executing the search that I have decided I can post more frequently.  Particularly on weekends.  After all, a hobby is a good thing too.

And with that, my favourite tweet* of the week is from BCINTO: 
Perhaps Harper should spend less time listening to old tapes of Ignatieff and more time not writing a book about hockey
*I am afraid I don't know what all those RT and other twitter thingies are for yet.  And there is no way I could have fit this into 140 characters.  140 characters.  Sounds sort of like a Vigilance family reunion;)
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