Monday, May 18, 2009

Sometimes there are things more important than blogging

Hard to believe though that may be.

I haven't had much time for thoughtful blogging as of late.  This is due to finding myself an unorthodox victim of the Great Recession.  In the end, Constant Vigilance will be OK.  This is not as dire a situation as a line worker in Windsor or forestry worker in B.C.   

Notwithstanding my good fortune, I have decided that I must place a stronger focus on a job search than online expressions of my political opinions.  This is one of many ways I can fulfill my assurance to Eternal and the Viliglantwees that all will be well in the end.

So If Necessary Blogging But Not Necessarily Blogging will be less active for a while.  I may post if I feel that I have done all I can that day to fulfill my quest.  This is a less eloquent "See ya later" than JAWL's but it isn't as permanent as Billmon's.  I hope this does not come across as overly maudlin.  Since starting the blog up, I have been the grateful recipient of many supportive comments and emails.  I felt that gracious support deserves some kind of explanation rather than an unexplained quiescent blog.

In the meantime, Go get 'em!  There are Calgary Cretins to defeat.

As a parting thought:
  1. If the recent attack ads are, as almost universally agreed, ineffective
  2. and recent Conservative fundrasing is less robust than in the past.
  3.  All they have accomplished is an increase in their relative burn rate.
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sassy said...

[sits up, reads again, folds arms across chest]

- - - huh, to that's that is it, you're letting your life's priorities get in the way of blogging are you? ;)

Of course there are things more important than blogging, but just the same, I’ll miss not reading those great posts from you on a daily bases AND look forward to them when you have the time and inclination. (they'll be all that more exceptional when they do appear)

Best wishes for success and as the closing line from the Dead Dog Café used to say
"Stay Calm, Be Brave, Wait for the Signs".

Steve V said...

You'll be missed :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you are a victim of the recession. I will miss your excellent blog. I hope you find a new opportunity very soon and that you will return to blogging your insights.