Friday, May 29, 2009

Zaccardelli and Moore and the next election.

I wanted to bring this up now to keep it front and centre.  The blatantly obvious has been confirmed: CTV broke codes in Dion interview, CBSC finds
Sentient beings can sequence the events.
  1. An ambitious reporter poses a confusing question to a politician in his second language.
  2. Three attempts are made to answer the question under the convention that the flubs will not be aired.
  3. The reporter and the network go back on their word.
  4. A known Conservative supporter who hosts a political affairs show highlights the mis-steps.
  5. Almost immediately afterwards the Prime Minister, who usually avoids impromptu media events, points to the out-takes as evidence of his opponents unfitness for office.
  6. This series of events destroys the building momentum for Dion.
  7. The political show host is named to the Senate.  Coincidence?
Enough about the 2008 election.  How about the 2006 election?
  1. An RCMP investigation into possible leaks regarding the taxation of income trusts is leaked late in the campaign.
  2. This is seen as a "major turning point in the campaign".  This allowed a hitherto unelectable extreme right wing leader is elected to a minority government.
  3. After the election, the commissioner of the RCMP, amongst a tumult of other accusations of impropriety, is found have been the source of the leak.
  4. The commissioner is allowed to retire without facing consequences after stonewalling the Commission for Public Complaints inquiry.
All just circumstantial perhaps but again, I ask
Who/what will the HarpRovians pull out of their back pockets to bring about a game changer when the next election comes along?
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penlan said...

Good question & kinda scary. Thanks for adding to my worries, CV.

Constant Vigilance said...

Sorry about that. I was hoping to engender strategic thought rather than worries. But hey, enjoy the weekend :}