Friday, May 29, 2009

Attack ads actually reflect Harper's weaknesses

Karl Rove advises his awful acolytes (e.g.: Stephen Harper) to attack your opponents strengths not their weaknesses.  After my previous post I ruminated on what the theme of the Conservative attack ads says about Harper and the Goon Squad.  Perhaps these attacks also serve as an attempt to inoculate the Conservatives from a discussion of Hateful Harper's own manifold flaws.

The "Not A Leader" dross was contrived enough coming from a man so incapable of leading through inspiration that he must rule with an iron fist in a chain mail glove.  By framing Dion as such it prevented Canadians from getting a sense of the strength of Dion's character.  Beside this attribute Harper would have come across as a very wee man indeed.

The distinction Harper is trying to create between himself as the "Real" Canadian and Ignatieff as the "Visitor" in interesting for similar reasons.  Why Ignatieff's time abroad?  Why not something else?  It is pretty thin gruel and is not getting much traction.  Could it be that it is an attempt to defuse speeches such as this?
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