Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Mousetrap and Stephen Harper

The Mousetrap is known as the longest running play in history.  You would have to figure that after a while, the actors would begin to have a hard time delivering their lines in a convincing fashion.

So it is with the tiresome "Harper is a hockey fan" theme.  He is entirely unconvincing in this role.  Media references to this prime ministerial "passion" have similarly become increasingly lame.  Thankfully it is working it's way through the media's GI tract.  The only one who appears to be willing to swallow it any longer is Jane Taber.

I started reading this because of the "Iggy is not a snob" title.  It quickly became apparent that this should have been run in People, not the political section of a national newspaper.

But part of the salary available to the G&M for political reporting is budgeted to this useless tripe.  Put that money to better use and provide real coverage.
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