Saturday, May 16, 2009

Awww. My first troll

It is a sign of success as a blogger that you start to attract trolls.  I have been fortunate that the commenters have been thoughtful and courteous.  A number have become bleeps.

But I think I have identified one raise his ugly head from his lair.  I would celebrate him but he only left his first name.  Anonymous.  Must be an older name.  Sort of like Aloysius. Or Al for short.  So maybe the short form of this trolls first name is An.

Now since we don't know his first name I will have to assign him one.  I know.  I will honour him by giving assigning him a last name that of an ancient Scottish Earldom.

That settles it.  Anonymous trolls will hereafter be referred to as An Atholl.
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