Wednesday, May 13, 2009

They just don't know the Harperites as well as we (unfortunately) do

Surprising no one with two neurons to rub together, comes proof that the Conservatives are stupid enough to play distraction politics on the world stage.  Whoever would have thought that Canadians would need to be grateful to the Putin Puppet government for showing admirable restraint?
The federal government's stated outrage over a Feb. 18 Arctic flight by two Russian bombers -- a response dismissed by Moscow as "bizarre" given the "routine" nature of the training exercise -- appears even more puzzling now that details have emerged about a friendly, Feb. 20 meeting in Moscow in which top Canadian and Russian officials contemplated unprecedented levels of co-operation on Arctic issues.
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penlan said...

It IS puzzling. But then again perhaps they were trying to fear-monger a "Russian" thing because Ignatieff has Russian heritage, prominently so, & had hoped to use it to their advantage in attack ads, etc., if that was their plan & it took flight, so to speak, with the public.

Nice font, btw. ;)

RevDave said...

Maybe, but I doubt it has less to do with Iggy specifically than with the usual sabre-rattling over the Arctic. Lots of Cold War-ish spin, but very little real action.

At the time I speculated on my blog that the militaries on both sides welcomed such events but that both understood that there was no real political significance to it aside from some sympathetic domestic press coverage.

Maybe the Russians are just being unusually patient, or maybe they realize it's a game because they engage in the same sort of rigamarole themselves. Either way, it's obvious that our government was deceitful in playing up the bomber affair.

foottothefire said...

Just simple advertising; "say what you will about me but mention my name everyday in your (newspaper, radio, television,etc.). By the way, please remember to spell my name right".
It's cheesy as hell but, it works. Liberals need more than a little bit of the same strategy.