Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Calgary Cretins strike again

And get stricken back.

I have made minimal mention of the allegations Ruby Dhalla has to defend herself against since several sources in the blogoshpere and EmEsEm pointed out how contrived it all is before I could get to a keyboard.  There were even warnings about how expert the Conservatives are at this sort of scandal prompting.  But the information of a Statscan investigation on the same day the nanny scandal broke prompted a Spockian raise of the eyebrow.  Although not as scurrilous, this has longer staying power.  And, once again, a Conservative cabinet minister is in the middle.
Jim Flaherty got a lesson in what global markets can do with a little rumour and innuendo as a big bet on the Canadian dollar in London, England, yesterday morning resulted in the federal Finance Minister defending his discretion in Hamilton by early afternoon.
It has been pointed out that rumours of these leaks have been swirling about currency traders for months.

Way back around Easter, I posted on how the Dhalla Bollywood accusations were soon followed up by a leak about the $140,000 cost to renovating Fortier's office.  And I asked the question:
A smart party would be chastened by this revelation.  A smart party would take the hint to settle down and stop this sort of politicization of the government.

A party led by Harper and the rest of the Calgary Cretins?  I think we can expect more of this tit for tat exposure.
I don't think this response is particularly in defence of Dhalla.  It is a result of her being the consistent target of the Conservatives who want to see their man, Parm Gill, in her place. The point is that if the Conservatives want to practice these tactics there is lots of real dirt to fight back with.
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