Thursday, April 9, 2009

When the neighbours are fighting

You don't particularly like them.  As a matter of fact, you think they are more than a bit dim.  But common human decency causes you to wince when you hear the shouting matches from inside their house.

When the unhappy couple, who should never have been married in the first place, take their scrap into the street you can't help but stare.  Especially when the aggrieved party claims that:
"At some point, he may feel he has to say something publicly. That's something I hope that those who are thinking about launching another attack think carefully about before they do."
You might have a suspicion as to what type of indiscretion that half of the unhappy couple is threatening to disclose.  But that doesn't matter.  It is bad karma for the neighbourhood to have this type of discord.  I propose we petition for them to go their separate ways.
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penlan said...

Well, they aren't really from the same Conservative Party now, no? 2 different Party's as far as I can see. Harper is such a nasty, & cruel, arrogant twerp.

Constant Vigilance said...

I think it will be for the best if we revert to a right of centre PC Party and leave a rump of far right wacko's to form a new Reform Party . Most of the current "Conservative" support will migrate towards the re-nascent PCs.

I hope it plays out this way. Then we can get on with it.

penlan said...

Agree with you, CV. Hope there's a split & that it happens very soon!

Northern PoV said...

If another schism happens, the Harper group will be sure to retain the "Conservative" brand as it is the only way they can gain power (or even stay alive after another split). Any PC-type-party would be disadvantaged by some worthless moniker.

It was only by (duping the hapless McKay & co. and) stealing the "Conservative" brand that they ever got into gov't in the first place.
Somnolent Canadians were used to swapping Liberals for Conservatives and sleep-walked into this neo-con nightmare.