Thursday, March 26, 2009

Other takes on Michael Ignatieff

Through the vigilance and generous input of Beijing York in the comments of an earlier post, I was made aware of some other blogger musings on the background of Michael Ignatieff.  While I was not able to work these into the series, I thought that I would enumerate them in the penultimate post of this series.  If this subject has been of interesting to you, you may want to check these out too.

The first "Unravelling Michael Ignatieff" is from Paper Dynamite Online is an online archive of a Toronto Star article by Linda Diebel by the same name.

And the third is a post by The Disaffected Liberal from February 22 of this year: "What Does "Progressive" Mean to Michael Ignatieff?".  Read through the comments.  There is a lively debate there.

I pass these along without comment or endorsement.  These generally reflect a much harsher view on MI's character and views than what I have presented.  In the interests of completeness, however, you may want to review them.
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