Monday, June 1, 2009

A comment from a Malawian on Canada's foreign aid changes

My post from earlier today on the changes the Harper government is making to foreign aid and the effect this is having on Malawi prompted this gracious comment which I have reproduced in full below.  As an individual Canadian, it is humbling to read such sincere gratitude for what my government has done on behalf all of us.  It is also gratifying to think that Canada has made a difference in Malawi and I am hopeful that we can do so once again upon an overdue change in government.
Hello, I am a Malawian and a Christian minister. I would like to comment on your post. I am saddened by this development and pray that the Canadian government will rescind its decision to pull out of Malawi as they plan to do - or at least explain to the Malawi government why they are doing simply as a matter of courtesy. Hopefully, the Harper government will remain committed to the cause of development work not just in Malawi but in that whole region of Africa where the needs are great and the ground is "fertile" for development. As a Malawian, I am very proud of my country especially at this time after the successful and peaceful elections that we just had - the cleanest and most civil election we have had as a democracy. That makes me very proud to be Malawian. I have never been more proud to be Malawian than I am now. I thank God for the President that we have now, Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika. He is a man of vision and sound economic principles. With or without Canada's support, I have every reason to believe that as Malawians we have the capacity to pull ourselves out of poverty, grow our economy, change our political landscape and take our place in the world as a nation that loves peace but takes our lives seriously. We are thankful for the support that we have received from Canada so far and we wish the Canadian government and people God's blessing. We will continue to move on with faith for we know that the best is yet to come for Malawi. Maybe someday, the Harper government will wake up and realize that there is really no justification for withdrawing support from a thriving economy and young democracy.
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