Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Meanwhile across The Pond

While the rats, I mean Raitts, of the Harper cabinet are distracted by their careerism, the rest of the world wishes that Conservative Canada would disappear and that the real Canada was back:

Officials at the main European reactor that produces medical isotopes have their fingers crossed the shuttered Chalk River facility will be running by early next year, when they must close their own operation for five to six months.

"It would be pretty difficult to see how the medical community could manage to cope if we have to go out for a long period before the (Canadian) reactor gets back," said Kevin Charlton, commercial manager of isotope supply at the Petten HFR reactor in the Netherlands.

The phenomenal incompetence of the Harper government is having a global impact.  It is too late for calls for the resignation of Lisa Raitt or (John Baird for that matter).  Notwithstanding the relative merits of EI reform as a pretext for a non-confidence vote there are no valid reasons to not move non-confidence based on the ongoing Chalk River fiasco.  This is worth fighting an election over.

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penlan said...

Agree with you. Harper & Raitt have sat on the Chalk River disaster-waiting-to happen for far too long. They've had ample time to do something concrete & did not. Peoples lives are at stake. Time for their political careers to be over & done with. And they can take all their fellow "beasties" with them. Time for an election.

Constant Vigilance said...

Thanks P.

All in favour say Aye.