Thursday, June 4, 2009

A perfect symbol of their incompetence

No.  Not the Raitt fiasco.  That one is too obvious.  This.

Canada is a great country with a compelling and unique history.  Harper and his Orcs can't reconcile this with their small minded dogma.   As a result the Conservatives need to try and  undermine the roots of this nation.  Selling our silverware was symbolic of that hatred of Canada.

Even more so than a massive deficit.  Or a predilection for losing secret and sensitive documents.  More than another Chalk River shutdown or Listeriosis jokes.  Selling the Queen's property by mistake is a fitting metaphor for these losers.
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1 comment:

Cari said...

This government is really desperate for money , and not long ago they were giving tax breaks to big corporations, as well as tax breaks for middle income.
They spend like drunken sailors, first the GST cuts which they desperately need now.
I hope they can retrieve those silver objects..that is our history they are trying to get rid of. I wonder what else they sold behind our backs ?