Thursday, June 11, 2009

The consequences of a political party that has lost it's way

One of the themes I have gnawed on like the Opposition has chewed on the bones of Raitt's Cabinet career has been the morphing of Reform from a policy focused organization to a Conservative Party that is primarily concerned with fundraising. This field of inquiry has lain fallow for a bit while I pursued other topics. But it is time to resurrect it. At the end of post I linked to I asked for a heads up if anyone got wind of an incipient fundraising initiative. A big s/t is owed to Penlan who gave me a nudge, nudge, wink, wink to check out this post at Canpolitico.

In it we read the latest letter aimed at squeezing money from the rubes. It is key to note that it again follows the pattern of reaching out on a bi-weekly schedule 4-5 days from payday. What is also important to notice is that with all that is going wrong with the economy, Chalk River and pretty much everything else the Conservatives have touched; leveraging these manifold crises to maximize their revenue stream remains a priority.

The efficiency of the Conservative Party fundraising apparatus has been widely lauded. But this success comes at a price. No person or organization can effectively focus on more than one or two priorities at any one time. The fundraising fixation means they have less organizational bandwidth to put towards fixing power plants or inspecting meat or implementing stimulus. In this way, the Conservative fundraising machine is as much a root cause of the fiasco their government has become as the ludicrous ideology they cleave to.

Incompetence leads to a lack of confidence.
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penlan said...

Good point. I never thought of that - their concentration being on fundraising to the detriment of the needs of this country. Shows that governance is NOT their forte whatsoever.

Ian said...

I don't buy it completely. A party has different mechanisms than the government. Being in power means they can (and should!) hire minions with tax dollars to handle those mundane, but apparently "sexy" issues like power plants, while their crack staff in their party continues to focus on fundraising.

You could argue that all they do in government is posture to try to look better for their fund raisers, or at very least try to make their opponents look worse.