Friday, June 12, 2009

The definitive summary of the Isotope Crisis

all in 780 words. It isn't a point by point recap. It impresses upon a newcomer to the topic the incompetence, mendacity and disaster federalism the government has applied to this file. From this post the entire failure of the Conservatives and conservatism could be extracted.

Lies which cost lives around the globe demands a non-confidence motion.
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penlan said...

What is bothering me is that I'm seeing nothing on T.V. about the fact that one of the Maple reactors HAS produced isotopes. Then Harper shut these reactors down permanently & says they didn't produce isotopes - still says it. Why is the MSM not all over this info? There are sick people out there who desperately need the tests & treatments.

Constant Vigilance said...

There is some kind of weird symbiosis between the media and the right that goes beyond corporate ownership. The progressive side needs to find a way to get the word out using newer media outlets.

penlan said...

CV, There aren't any newer media outlets that I'm aware of. If you mean via Internet then it does not encompass everyone. The majority of people in Canada on the Net are not news & political junkies. They use it for entertainment, mostly.

What newer media outlets were you referring to?

Constant Vigilance said...

P, I was thinking of something "Web 2.0". You are right. We are all preaching to the choir. We need to find a way to get this blogger perspective out beyond our circle. I wonder if Twitter might be a way to disseminate the better posts to a wider audience.

There have been a few times we have had a conversation through the comments that might be better done through email. I checked you profile and an address wasn't there. You could, if you wish and the conversation requires it, send an email to me at constant.vigil at gmail dot com.

penlan said...

CV, Just checked & you are right. I did have my email available in Profile but it's disappeared. I'll email you so that you will have my email addy.