Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Enemies of Canadian Democracy

"Don't think that things of this sort don't happen in Canada."
While the media is focused on the apparent fraud in the Iranian election, it is interesting to reflect on the integrity of our process. Andrew Cohen, professor of journalism and international affairs at Carleton University, reviews the travesty perpetrated on Canadian democracy by Steve Murphy, Mike Duffy and CTV last election. He also touches on the tasering of Ralph Goodale by the RCMP during the 2006 election. Both stories aren't covered enough.

The only aspect he hasn't covered is the amazingly short period between the Duffy embarrassment and the impromptu press conference put on by the Harper campaign. Very suspicious. If we are willing to make a link between the Dion Tape and a Senate appointment we have to consider the possibility of a more complete collusion between the Conservatives and CTV.

Read the article and keep it in mind when the topic of the Iranian, Ukrainian or American election processes come up.
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Jack Sprat said...

Frank Magazine in Halifax had a great cover this week regarding the CTV-Dion debacle:


Constant Vigilance said...

The egg on his face is nicer than what his head is made of.