Friday, June 26, 2009

Every tool has a use

And it appears to be that Steve Murphy is good for inadvertently making Harper squirm. As a reward for his help during the election, this dog of a reporter got the bone of an interview with old dead eyes himself. There have already been several good posts on this article.

All I have to add is that the subtext to the dreck that is the two attack ads campaigns the Harpoids have inflicted on us is that his opponents are ineligible to be Prime Minister because of their hamartia. Whether it is because of a projected awkwardness and difficulty with a second language or having had the temerity to successfully pursue an international career the implication is that they are disqualified by these "fatal flaws". In the case of Ignatieff, it is a function of the Rovian "attack your opponents strengths" doctrine. But it also points to Harper's unattractiveness. They are really saying: "I know you don't like me, my policies or my candidates but you can't vote for my opponents because of (insert contrived flaw here). So you have to vote for me or just as good, not vote at all." It is as much about suppressing the vote as anything else.
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