Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Harper can't open his mouth without insulting Canadian democracy

Harper's comments today were insulting to Canadians and the concept of democracy. I haven't been able to find a full transcript but this CBC article has the most egregious parts (My emphasis in bold).

But the prime minister warned a fall election that he said "nobody wants" would bring "pretty dangerous results" for the country which is already struggling with a recession.

Harper also raised the spectre of the Liberals forming another proposed coalition with the NDP and supported by the Bloc, despite Ignatieff's repeated assurances the coalition idea was "dead."

"Nobody wants to see the opposition coalition we had at the end of last year," Harper said. "I think everybody in the public recognized the dangers that presents to the country."

He said his minority government has operated in an environment of "constant threat" of an election, which he didn't welcome or think was "useful."

"But when we're faced with them, we make sure we're prepared," he said.

His first comment carries the implication that an election that does not return him to power is a dangerous result. This is unconscionable for the leader of a democracy. I may detest the unfortunate fact that this creep is the Prime Minister of Canada but unless there is evidence of fraud I respect the results that put him there. Harper makes it evident that he does not believe anyone else should be Prime Minister. The only person facing a dangerous result in a Conservative defeat is this woefully unqualified imbecile.

Secondly, lay off the misrepresentation as to how our system works. The coalition, regardless of it's faults, was an entirely legitimate structure. A democrat would not work to erode understanding of the foundations of parliamentary democracy.

And finally the threat of an election has been very useful. That is how minority parliaments work; you fool.

If you can stomach listening to him, here is a link to the video. You can hear Harper misrepresent democracy beginning at 1:25

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