Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How does that make you feel Lisa?

James Morton muses that the documents weren't left at C(onservative)TV by mistake.  He feels this was done as a leak by an underling.

But what if it was a leak but one hatched at the PMO?  As in, "Lisa, take these with you to the interview and leave them behind for CTV to have a look at".  This would have been a suicide mission give the sensitive nature of the documents and the consequences that befell Maxime Bernier last summer.  Talk about your cannon fodder.  Talk about taking one for the team.

This is a far more likely case than a civil servant chancing a leak that might land him in jail.

What gets me is; why would anyone still accept such directives from Harper and the Manyberries Machiavellis?
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penlan said...

Go read BCL'ers latest post. There's a whole info convo there from Bob Fife of CTV.

penlan said...

Sorry CV. That's Jeff at a BCer in Toronto. Here's the link:

Constant Vigilance said...

Yes. Mr. J. is "all over this".