Thursday, February 12, 2009

A bird in the bush should stay in Crawford

A little birdie suggested I blog on this subject and even though this article was immediately above this one, on National Newswatch last night don't worry.  The former doesn't refer to me regardless of the content of the latter.

The depths of embarrassment that my hometown periodically imposes on me seems to know no bounds.  The only place that could stomach giving refuge to Idi Amin was Saudi Arabia.  Charles Taylor found asylum in Nigeria.  China was willing to take in Pol Pot.

But what place would be so off kilter as to offer George W. Bush the first opportunity to rehabilitate his reputation?  Calgary that's where.
A Calgary audience might be the first group to hear George W. Bush's take on the state of the world since he stepped down as U.S. president earlier this year.

"I imagine it'll be a reflection on issues that arose during his time in office, and maybe drawing from that his perspectives on the way forward." (Has anyone seriously cared what Bush has thought for the past couple of years? - CV)

An appearance in Calgary is a good way for the former president to try "dipping his toe" in the public arena, said David Taras, a University of Calgary political science professor.

"I think he's probably nervous about how he'll be received, and so Calgary's a safe place," he said, pointing out the city is very conservative and pro-American.


"We've had what I would describe as a pretty favourable response so far," he said.

Part of the reason might be a manifestation of insecurity by grasping for international attention:
Bush's speech, combined with similar visits from other former high-ranking politicians such as Tony Blair and Bill Clinton, show Calgary's "growing international stature," he added.
But the persistent support Calgarians provide for radical right wing icons and their craziness is a major impediment to the progress sought by the rest of Canada.  The provenance is puzzling.  It can't be blamed on the importation of Texans and other Americans.  That hasn't been as prevalent as in past years.  Calgary has grown and changed over the last 3 decades.  Why do people come here from other parts of the country and become rabid Conservatives?  Why is it that the University of Calgary allows the embarrassment of the Calgary School?  Why do so many intelligent people that I know not see how the Conservatives, provincially and federally, do not act in their best interests.  It is sort of like the ongoing appeal of American Idol.  I just don't get it.

P.S.: My best wishes go out the poor Algerian man in such desperate straights that he set himself on fire.
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20041102.Last.Chance said...

There's a FaceBook group started up to organize protest called "George W. Bush in Calgary - PROTEST!" found at...
...I see lots of protest-centric comments on every news thread, but its quite dispersed. Might be more practical to coordinate activity well in advance of his visit.