Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Manchurian Canadian

The Communists Rovian Republicans intend to use Shaw Harper as a sleeper agent and, using the queen of diamonds in a deck of playing cards irrepressible stupidity of their dogma as a subconscious trigger, compel him to follow their orders, which he does  not remember afterwards happily. Shaw Harper is controlled by none other than his own politically ambitious and domineering mother former advisor who is working with the Communists Rovians in a plot to overthrow the U.S. Canadian government.

The Manchurian Candidate Wikipedia Plot Summary
Reflecting on the New Brunswick O Canada foolishness, I thought back to May 2006 and news that Frank Luntz was coming to speak to the Conservative "Brain" trust.  From the article by Bill Berkowitz (My emphasis in bold).
In late May, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that he would no longer be giving news conferences to the national media. 
Harper's new policy appears to come directly from the media strategy playbook of U.S. President George W. Bush -- sidestep the so-called hostile national media and play to a more receptive local media. 

Interestingly enough, Harper's announcement came less than two weeks after meeting with Republican strategist and pollster Frank Luntz.
After an affable meeting with Harper, Luntz went on to speak at the Civitas Society, an influential Conservative group whose members include Harper's chief of staff Ian Brodie and his former campaign manager, Tom Flanagan.
In mid-May, in what appears to be a mini Luntzian "mission accomplished" moment, CTV.ca reported that Canadian environmentalists charged that "the Conservatives' communication strategy on climate change almost exactly echoe[d] advice in a three-year-old briefing book" written by Luntz for the U.S. Republican Party. 
"Frank Luntz is the Republican Party's undisputed master of right-wing propaganda, conservative spin-meistering, political-deception, diversion, redirection and focusing the imagination of an unsuspecting audience in ways that bring about specific outcomes or foster public support for anti-environmental, anti-democratic or pro-business positions," Scott Silver, the executive director of the Oregon-based environmental group Wild Wilderness, said.  
This O Canada smear job has the influence of Luntz all over it.  Distract people from the reality of how poorly the Conservatives are governing by creating a phony patriotic crisis.

Whether the Harprovians are channeling Rove or Luntz or Bush and any number of other Republican jerks, they are undermining our country.  I have nothing against America or Americans but I am proud to be a Canadian.  The two countries are different and this is a good thing.  If Harper, the Calgary School and any others in Canadian public life who hate Canada want to live in the U.S.A., then move there. 
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