Tuesday, February 10, 2009

If you've lost Don Martin

You have lost the media.

In what has become an almost daily event, news come out of rats leaving a sinking PMO ark (my emphasis in bold and comments in parentheses):
But strange things are happening in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's close-knit office. A senior advisor and at least one strategist are moving on, which has some Conservative observers concerned about internal morale and questioning the operation's top official.

MPs confide there's a darkening mood in the big guy himself (Quick, hide the chairs), hardly surprising given the stormy economic challenge Mr. Harper faces. One source says there was a blowup between a furious Prime Minister and key players last week (Good management technique Steve.  Feeling out of one's depth are you?). And PMO chief of staff Guy Giorno is now plotting the second major internal shuffle in eight months.

Poor morale.  Fighting in the Leader's office.  Is this about the Liberals or Conservatives.  It seems to me that I was reading similar things about the Liberals just short weeks ago.  National Post as editorial column or gossip rag.  I copy and paste, you decide.

But then a good summary of why Harper's dream of being a democratic dictator will never be realized:
First, consider that the next vote will be Mr. Harper's fourth as Conservative leader. Never before has someone gone before the electorate that many times without winning at least two majority governments and the odds that he will actually win one now seem a long shot at best. (and with Duffy in the Senate and Zaccardelli retired, there are two fewer allies to come up with a last minute surprise).

He'll be entering the fray as ruler over an ugly recession and forced by unprecedented circumstances to sacrifice his prudent manager credentials, (Someone needs to acquiant Donnie boy with Kevin Page) which had already been tarnished by recession denials during the election campaign and his government's long-range surplus forecasts just three months ago.

And then some unvarnished truth:
Mr. Harper is, after all, a lousy loser. He petulantly hinted he would reconsider his future the day after losing the 2004 election. If he sees serious doubt in being safely re-elected with a reeling economy stacked so dauntingly against the party, he might well quit early rather than fight the losing battle.
Petulant.  Lousy loser.  Quitter.  Sounds like our man in Ottawa.

Once pundits start writing things like this it is hard for them to go back to hagiography and retain whatever credibility they once had.  We can expect the rest to start piling on shortly.  I kind of feel sorry for Harper.

Psych!  Now excuse me, I have to go find that fork.  I think the turkey is cooked to perfection.

Update: Link added.  Sorry for the rookie mistake.

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Ian said...

Can you link this article?

Constant Vigilance said...

Done. Thanks for pointing out the oversight.

Beijing York said...

Interesting developments.

I like the new look of your site CV.

Constant Vigilance said...

Indeed. Perhaps I will go and buy the big bag of popcorn and watch the show.

Thanks. A change is as good as a rest and I was kind of tired of the old one :}

sassy said...

Hey, I just noticed new look (at first click I thought I was in the wrong spot, but alas NO, it OK, whewww).

I like it ;)

Oemissions said...

But... recent poll says over 90% of Cons and 24% of Libs say they have confidence in the PM.

Jamie said...

Yes but a recent poll said at least 40% of polls are wrong. So which one is the right poll?

Constant Vigilance said...

And I read in the comments section of one of my favourite blogs that the fine print of the poll points out that it was 90% of Conzombies that still have confidence in Harper.

The results for sentient beings. Not so good.