Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Harper's legacy - a dumber Canada

While I can understand and agree with the political realities involved in the decision to walk away from the coalition  and support the budget, it doesn't make observations on the real impact Harper and his cabinet clowns are having on Canada.

Latest in a long line off examples: A government induced brain drain.
Katrin Meissner is determined to be on the forefront of understanding the climate change affecting everything from permafrost to bird migrations.

The celebrated young scientist at the University of Victoria had planned to build her career in Canada. But Ms. Meissner is packing up her young family and heading for Australia.


"I didn't really want to leave," says Ms. Meissner, who is walking away from a coveted tenure-track position in Victoria. But she says the opportunities in Australia seem much more promising. 'Long-term it looks quite scary in Canada," says Ms. Meissner.


Projects involving hundreds of scientists have entered their final phase and will be shut down by March 2010. "They're dead as of next spring," says atmospheric physicist Richard Peltier of University of Toronto, noting that


Atmospheric scientist James Drummond, who directs a remote polar lab on Ellesmere Island that is fast running out of money, says he has already lost a post-doctoral student to a NASA contractor in the U.S. He fears more will follow given President Barack Obama's plan to spend more than $400 million on climate change research at NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Mr. Drummond notes that Mr. Obama's approach to science stands in sharp contrast to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's. His stimulus package disappointed many in Canada's research community. It provided no funding increases for key science funding agencies and did not renew funding for others.

Even without a majority these fools are doing long term damage to the country.  I can see why the Conservatives are anti-science/anti-intellectual/anti-education.  It is easier to fool people when they are poorly educated and the country as a whole is poorly educated.

But living through the final scenes of a Harper minority gives me an faint inkling of what a cancer paitient undergoing intensive chemotherapy is faced with.  Is the treatment worse than the disease?

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Skinny Dipper said...

I dont no what you are talking abuot. Dummer Canada?

FormFeed said...

It's unfortunate. The brain-drain problem wasn't really an issue, IMHO, as long as Bush was in power. The opportunities and the atmosphere kept our best and brightest here. Now that things have opened up and are more in line with progressive thinking, the billions being pumped into American R&D will almost force Canadians southwards.