Wednesday, February 4, 2009

By My Works Shalt Thou Know Me - A window into the weirdness

Now this is fine weirdness for your Wednsday afternoon.  From The KD post that started things off yesterday, we can quote the following

Everybody in my riding wonders why the Conservative Party did not accept local candidates to run for it in the last election. The party would not accept people who wanted to run. Instead, I assume the Prime Minister nominated or appointed a candidate. There was no nomination process.

A candidate was appointed but not from my riding. This person was from Ottawa and had never been to my riding as far as I know. He worked for the minister in charge of the RCMP*.


When I was expelled from the party, I think 27 members of the executive came with me as an independent. There was not enough people to form an executive for the Conservative Party, so the national party took over the party

*(That would be Stalkwell Day - C. V.)

From this we can reasonably surmise that the people sent out from Ottawa were amongst the best connected to Day's office and the PMO.  This morning's sacrificial lamb, Diana Read-Miedema, the official agent for Joel Bernard, Casey’s Conservative opponent in the 2008 election, was a key part of this team.

From the comments section of The KD's follow-up post of this morning:

 It would appear that this is all a horrible attack on Diana Read-Miedema. Please see the following link for more insight into the clear directions she was given for such actions.

Please see: Stephen Harper God’s Arrow @

I haven't been able to capture the text but it is worthwhile to follow the link.  Reading this gives a glimpse into the mentality of the people connected to the office of the Public Safety Minister and the PMO.

Very scary, no?

Update: Reason Over Passion is obviously more adroit at this sort of thing than I am.  The email is posted there.

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