Monday, February 2, 2009

Burn rate is an important consideration too

The Grope and Flail has a report on the latest fundraising numbers.  They certainly seem to be to the Conservative advantage.
The $21.2-million raked in by the Tories easily outpaced the $5.9-million raised by the Liberals, $5.45-million by the NDP, $1.6-million by the Green Party, and $713,000 by the Bloc Québécois.
But we have seen the Conservatives mismanage a position of financial strength in the past.  They have been flush for years and been looking for places to spend it. Remeber the Communications Centre?  Now we see that they will continue to spend:
The cash-stuffed Conservative war chest allows for more staff, larger offices, and more TV ads.
The Conservative Party is often seen as a reflection of its Leader.  My churlish side makes me think that this fat on the Party's budget is more evidence of this.  It is easy to get addicted to expenditures.  It is harder to cut the wing-nut welfare if donations drop off.
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robert said...

I'm inclined to believe that Harper has gone beyond the point where he can buy credibility.

Constant Vigilance said...

If he allowed his drones to listen to the Beatles, I imagine the words to "Can't buy me love" are going through their heads.