Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Profile photo!

I have changed the profile photo to one of the real me.  I have a better chance of people taking me seriously if I stop hiding behind the likeness of a fictional character and show my true likeness.  As with my Facebook and Twitter pictures, I have used one of me displaying the perpetual watchfulness I am always on about.

This picture will stay there until I change it on another whim.
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Beijing York said...

It looks like your keeping an eye on our skies :-)

Constant Vigilance said...

Through a baseball hat. I started thinking of this diversion when I saw you had changed your photo.

While I like your new one, there is a wistful nature to the previous one that always touched me. It seemed sad but hopeful seeing the mum smile.

Beijing York said...

Actually, not mum but older sister. But thanks.

sassy said...

haha With this new pic, I shall now think of you as the - On Deck Horizontal Blogger