Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Women's Campaign School

I have added a badge to the top of the blog for the "Women's Campaign School".  Look over there to the left.  If you are
  1. A woman (obviously*),
  2. passionate about change,
  3. considering a run for office at any level and
  4. believe that having more women elected to office is important
visit this site and give it some thought.  It would be a good networking opportunity too.  And late March in Vancouver beats the surroundings in the rest of the country.

Dion did a good job of looking to have more women nominated but for long term success, this sort of grass roots initative is key. 

*Men can go to the site as well.  They just can't go to the seminar.

Stetson tip to Impolitical for bringing it up.
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