Thursday, February 26, 2009

Conservative Hinterland who's who - Spring Schadenfreude edition

In the unending cycle of life in Canada, as the snows of a harsh winter recede, the rotting fetid corpses of Conservative scandals past are exposed for the nourishment of hungry bloggers. Some of the bodies available for scavengers are quite old and bloated.

Some scandals emerge from hibernation to provide sustenance as their weaknesses are exposed and attacked by ravaging hordes by packs of animals known as "commitees".

Other scandals mistakenly believe that they have fooled the Law of the Wild and evaded their fate .  
As any experienced outdoorsman knows, these weakened ungulates will provide nourishment as the season unfolds.  Predators can detect a severley wounded animal by its stance and will bring it down at a time that suits its needs.

Once the cold of winter loses its final battle with spring the scandal seeds scattered on the ground will germinate providing liberal amounts of feed for the progressive predators to grow fat on.
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