Friday, October 30, 2009

Conservative gynophobia on display

  1. Fear of or contempt for women.
  2. Behavior based on such an attitude or feeling.
Lots of people have commented on the embarrassing display by Conservative frontbenchers in response to a question by Carolyn Bennett on H1N1. I would like to make mine by deconstructing a sentence in Aaron Wherry's post: 'This isn't funny':
For whatever reason, Ms. Bennett regularly draws enthusiastic heckling from the Conservative side.
Assuming that my interpretation of Mr. Wherry's sentence is accurate, he is implying that Ms. Bennett is a particular target of abuse. This may seem odd at first. She is an educated woman. A doctor and, therefore, particularly qualified to ask this particular question. She is an M. P. and so as the democratically elected representative of her constituents she deserves some respect on their behalf. Respect the uniform if not the man and all that. But the gender expressed in that last sentence is key.

Why would a well educated professional M. P. be the butt of such heckling? It is most likely because she is a female well educated professional M. P. Not only that; she was addressing the concerns of pregnant women. Taking their lead from Harper, these Ministers of the Crown did more than display callous disregard for pregnant women. They were expressing their contempt for women daring to be more educated, qualified and competent than they are. A woman like Ms. Bennett frightens them. Intense abusive heckling is a punishment for being uppity.
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Chasman said...

In this new Dark Age, psychoanalyzing these bastards might get you tied to a stake. How much pain is caused by scared little men? Alot, I reckon.

darthcricket said...

Let's call it persecution, for arguments sake. This week Claudia Londono is being refused refugee status, and as of now, is back in Columbia to face the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia)who believes she and her family will be targeted where she was a prison psychologist in Colombia, and encouraged prisoners to cut their ties with the organization.

She is obviously an intelligent woman and has the courage to speak truth to power - the kind of woman who Harper fears.