Saturday, October 17, 2009

Learning from Dear Leader

What do Conservative MPs do when they are afraid Harper will throw them under the bus?

Throw the civil service under the bus. From Stephen Taylor by way of Aaron Wherry.
When we formed govt the crats stopped bringing cheques to announcements & we were FORCED to cough up the $ to buy our own. Specifically, at [a government department I was involved with] the crats used to like to be in the photo ops giving out chqs, as though it was coming from them. They detested Conservatives being photographed handing out chqs, so they stopped bringing the chqs – when they even bothered to show up for announcements. They’ve screwed up dates for announcements so badly (trying to schedule announcements while the House is in session) that we don’t even bother to include them, thereby saving taxpayers thousands of $s in travel claims from the crats.
Definitely a Reformatory MP given the low level of literacy displayed. So let us get this straight. The bureaucrats bullied the Conservative MPs into performing unethically and breaking all of the standards for respecting the use of taxpayers money.

Sorry but it doesn't pass muster. The base might believe that but not sentient beings.

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Anonymous said...

The bureaucrats, unlike the MPs, are actually qualified, competent, familiar with their portfolio and actually run the government. I wouldn't pick a fight with them.

Constant Vigilance said...

I wouldn't either nut that won't stop Mr. Angry and his flying monkies. The revelations of the scandal might very well flow from some judicious leaks.

penlan said...

And the Cons are getting ready to flood the country with billboards touting the Economic Action Plan - all in blue & with Con, not govt., "talking points" & phrases. Hope there is some way to stop this & if not that they will be called out, heavily, on this. All this on the taxpayer dime no less. When will they stop? Oh right - when they get their majority govt.

Constant Vigilance said...

I am fearful that if they get their majority we will look back on the minority Harper governments as the good old days.

penlan said...

If Harper gets the majority that he's been non-stop working towards since he was first elected people will go into shock. Not us but all those out there who haven't a clue as to what is really happening with the Cons manipulation.