Monday, October 12, 2009

Conservatives hanging fire

I have been cogitating on a point Impolitical made with regards the Conservative by-election slogan in the Hochelaga by-election.
Quite the "electoral" slogan they've got going on in the Hochelaga by-election. "De l'action, pas d'elections." They're running a by-election on an anti-election platform. That's quite the slogan for a political party. I think my head just spun about 360 degrees.

A test run for a national campaign?
"De l'action, pas d'elections." or "Action, not elections." The ties to the taxpayer funded Conservative advertizing campaign are obvious. Just another reference to the ridiculous Harper talking point that an election would derail stimulus funding. So are the hues of the revised campaign colouring scheme. They tie in nicely with the Action Plan shades of Blue.

Two things come to mind. First off, given the well documented sloth in actually getting projects started, a person might conclude that the entire focus of the Conservatives since they were forced to initiate a stimulus program was to work up an election plan. They don't believe in Keynesian economics and we are fools to think they have had a conversion akin to Paul on the road to Damascus. Way more like our home grown goons to pretend to set up a stimulus program, let the rest of the world re-inflate the economy and focus on ways to work the fictitious stimulus to their advantage.

The second observation is that they have put a lot of work into the coordination of the "Action" Plan with their campaign strategy. Winning the non-confidence was counter to their vision. The propaganda won't work if they get fingered for triggering the election. They had to call these by-elections and didn't have another slogan ready. They went ahead with the one for the anticipated national vote.

Armies can't keep getting ready for a battle that keeps being put off. The Conservatives have been at Def-Con 1 since 2005. This pre-mature broaching of the national slogan is a hang fire moment. Each time they have to go back to the drawing board for a new strategy places a huge draw on their resources.

The Conservative Party is a top heavy dictatorial organization. A strength is that given time they can coordinate a cohesive messaging campaign. Keeping them off balance and forcing them to re-work and re-invent the plan weakens them by attrition.
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