Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Eroding the respect for civil rights

The cynical transparency of the Conservative random breahtalyzer legislation is readily apparent. From their point of view it is a win-win-win-win. They get to appear tough on crime. They can slag any opposition as being soft on crime. When it is tossed out as an unacceptable infringement on our civil rights, they can rail against "Liberal appointed judges" and use this as a fundraising fulcrum.

They must be so very pleased with themselves. Except for one thing. Every time the government floats an infringement of our rights whether it is this breathalyzer bill or tapping our internet it erodes the boundary of what is acceptable for our government to do.

The Harper Conservatives. Chipping away at the foundations of our country for their own gain.

In other news, seismologists were called out to Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa to investigate a disturbing rumbling observed there. They found the cause. It seems someone was rapidly rotating on his longitudinal axis.
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